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While surfing around on the Internet, you may have noticed small picture ads on some of the web sites. These picture ads are called banners. Some Traffic Exchangers will allow you to advertise banners on their sites. Banners can come in any picture size, but banners that Traffic Exchangers will allow you to advertise usually must be 468 pix wide and 60 pix high (468x60). To the right are some banner we have provided for you to use on your Traffic Exchangers and web sites.

Banner files size (different from picture size) will also vary. Banner files size is determined, not only by the picture size, but also how many frames are contained in the file. The more frames the bigger the file. Frames are how the animated gif files work. Some Traffic Exchangers will only allow Banner file sizes no more greater than a certain size. This is why we have provided different banners for the same sites. I would allways try the banner with the most action, and if it is not accepted, try one with less action.

To get the Banner right click on the picturer (banner) and save it to your computer. Then upload the picture (banner) to your server. If you have your own webpage you could paste the banner code to your webpage source code. Be sure to change the user id.

To use a Banner in your advertising endeavors on a Traffic Exchanger, you must find the Banner section of the Traffic Exchanger. When adding a banner you will have to provide two URLs. One URL for the webpage you want to target and one URL for the picture (banner). Be sure you put the right URL in the right place.

Once your banner has been approved it will go into rotation, provided you have credits assigned to it. To get credits for your banner you can convert some of your exchange surfing cerdits to banner impressions credits.

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Atron's FreeAd - Ways To Build Your Business


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